You would like to have your employees trained?

The experienced TVI trainers share their knowledge in a clear and practical manner and train your employees step by step to become specialists on the TVI machines.
The training courses are divided into modules:

  • Basics and safety
  • Software and machine control
  • Cleaning

The TAC team is happy to impart new knowledge to you and your employees, either at the TAC training centre or on-site at your production facility. Both

in the TAC training centre at TVI in Bruckmühl:

  • Without interruptions
  • In undisturbed surroundings
  • Simulated troubleshooting with error correction possible
  • Equipment fully testable
  • Tests and portioning examples adapted to your product

At your premises:

  • The TVI trainers travel worldwide, to your production facility too
  • On-site demonstrations under real conditions and with process-specific conditions
  • Rental of machines and equipment to your production facility
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