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SCI 1000

  • Precise weighing and sorting unit for single slices and shingles

  • Compact design

  • Ejection of under- and overweight portions to manual rework stations

  • Low personnel requirements for weighing and sorting portions

  • No need for format part conversion during product changeovers

  • Fast feedback on output and giveaway for the portioning machine

  • Automatic trend control of cut products on TVI portioning machines


The portioned slices or compartments are transferred from the GMS 400, GMS 520, or GMS 1000 to the optional feed belt. From there, they are automatically transported over the portion scale and weighed.

Two toggle switches connected in series sort the weighed portions into good, under, and overweight categories. When the portion reaches the correct weight, it is directed to the lowest level and transported further to the thermoformer via a line system, where it is manually inserted.

If a portion is under or overweight, it is ejected to the first or second level and transported to the rework stations. From there, operators can rework the portions and weigh them manually – LED displays indicate whether the portion has reached the correct weight. Subsequently, they are reintegrated onto the product belt of the properly weighted slices, which are then conveyed to the packaging machine.

The SCI 1000 line consists of perfectly matched components

SCI 1000

  • Sorting unit for good, under, and overweight portions.
  • High-speed sorting with toggles.
  • Separate buffer belts for too light and too heavy portions.
  • LED displays at the rework stations.

Portion Scale

Automatic weighing of all portions.

  • Dynamic scale
  • Automatic recording of the portioning result.
  • Trend control and feedback signal to the portioning machine

Feed Belt

Optional 1-meter-long conveyor belt between the portioning machine and portion scale, which can compensate for product-dependent deviations in the placement.


5304 x 1455 x 1910 mm (L x W x H)

up to 180 slices/minute (single slice, product-dependent)
Portion width: max. 270 mm
Portion length: max. 300 mm
Portion height: min. 3 mm (shingle portion)
: min. 5 mm (single slice)
: max. 60 mm
Portion weight: 50-3000 g

Electrical connection
3x 400 V/N/PE / 50 Hz, 17A
Connected load 6 kW

SCI 1000 Brochure

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