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GMS 400

  • Highest quality thanks to equal forming
  • Flexible 3D forming of the product
  • Optimum size adjustment to varying product sizes
  • Side Loading in ergonomic height
  • Slice thickness from 2 to 50 mm
  • Precise weight portioning, optimised for lowest trim
  • Very simple and intuitive operating concept
  • Rapid product change without tools
  • Best TVI-Technology in entry-level performance class


The pieces of meat are loaded into the drawer. As soon as the drawer is pushed into the machine, the process starts. The meat is perfectly formed and pressed. Now it can run in waste less mode or if required with a minimum trim, depending on customer’s demand.

Press piston and stop plate define the thickness and the target weight of all slices individually. Simple and intuitive operating concept. Different slice weight and placement options possible even within the same piece of meat.

An outfeed conveyor in ergonomic height is transporting the portions to the following process.


In almost every consistency
To every portion
Always weight and yield-optimized
With low labour costs

  • Slices of small and medium-sized raw goods such as schnitzel, steaks or minute steaks
  • Slices of large raw materials such as roulades and barbecue skewers
  • Slices of raw material (bone-in) such as pork or lamb stalk and neck chops
  • Slices of cooked, smoked raw material such as Kasseler with and without bones


  • Maximum yield, due to volumetric forming & portioning
  • Low operating effort and shortest set-up times for product changes
  • Yield increases through waste-free portioning
  • Small or big meat pieces (from pork tenderloin to beef topside)
  • Thick or thin cuts (from thick roast cuts to thin carpaccio slices)

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