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CBF 300

  • Minimal space requirement
  • Capacity ideally matched to the performance of the GMS 400
  • Ideal compressibility and optimal cutting results
  • Low refrigeration energy costs


The product is supplied in batches via rack trolleys, which are fully loaded with meat parts and then pushed into the freezer without barriers, steps, or ramps. We recommend using at least three rack trolleys (for 3 stations) for continuous loading of the GMS 400.

Station 1: Rack trolley 1, fully loaded with meat, is in the CBF 300 during pre-freezing.

Station 2: Rack trolley 2, with finished frozen meat parts, stands next to the GMS 400. The GMS 400 is loaded by removing the meat parts from the individual shelf compartments.

Station 3: Rack trolley 3 is prepared and loaded with raw product during the freezing time of rack trolley 1.

Temperature and freezing time are set using a standard touchscreen with a clear intuitive user interface.


Capacity per freezing cycle
Maximum 1 rack trolley

Freezing time
Freely adjustable, approx. 6-30 minutes (depends on the type and size of the meat

1580 mm x 1390 mm x 2585 mm (LxWxH)

Machine weight
approx. 580 kg


Electrical connection
Three-phase current 400V / N/PE / 50 Hz kW
32A fuse / max. 9.6 kW

CBF 300 Brochure

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