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ASR 300

  • Consistent quality of skewer appearance, looks hand-made
  • Wide range of products, recipes and components is possible (meat, fruit, vegetables, shrimps, meatballs, sausages etc.)
  • Flexible skewer lengths and shapes (e.g. round or flag skewers)
  • Simplification of the manual processes; this means simple training of new staff
  • Very high level of personnel efficiency due to reduction in manual work
  • High level of productivity thanks to full automation of part-processes
  • Modular integration in TVI line systems is possible
  • Fully automatic loading possible with suitable tray sizes


  • The ASR 300 robot takes care of feeding skewers and trays, as well as the product skewering and the tray loading. The employees focus solely on providing the products.
  • The product conveyors are loaded semi-automatically from a bunker. The operators check the position of the products correct only the position and fill empty cavities. This cuts down on manual work significantly.
  • The machine reliably separates round sticks, flag sticks or steel sticks and feeds them to the robotic hand.
  • The robotic hand grasps 12 sticks at a time and skewers the individual products according to the recipe.
  • The skewers are placed in the automatically provided trays and conveyed out.
  • It is possible to skewer marinated raw products or to marinate an entire skewer in a dip.


  • Skewers with 2 to 18 individual pieces
  • Skewers made of multiple products
  • Meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes, olives, sausages, meatballs, vegetables, fruit, cheese
  • Round sticks with a length of 120 – 260 mm
  • Flag sticks with a length of 130 – 260 mm
  • Marinated meat products


  • Optimum product quality
  • Enormous savings in personnel costs
  • High production output
  • Quick training of staff
  • Simple operation
  • Small space requirement

ASR 300 Brochure

Efficient production line for shish kebabs and grill skewers

This production line comprises the following TVI modules:

CBF 1000 cyclefreeze
Shock freezer for precise and rapid surface tempering.

GMS 500/520 singlecut
Residue-optimised portioning system for individual slices.

ASR 300 multipick
Personnel-efficient production of barbecue skewers with inlay area,
skewer separator, tray dispenser and automatic skewer robot.

GMI 500 multitray
Weight and inspection unit for equal packs.

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