BBF 2200 multifreeze

Perfect crusting for efficient portioning



  • Low costs
  • Optimum process sequence
  • Small space requirement
  • Highest output
  • Outstanding portioning quality thanks to a thin crust
  • Thin crust for a high level of meat quality
  • Longer shelf life


  • The BBF 2200 multifreeze is a tunnel freezer designed for the smallest space, which can run on different levels with individual conveyors. A maximum of three conveyors on three different levels is possible. The speed and freezing time for each individual conveyor can be set in such a way that it corresponds to the particular requirements of the different pieces of raw meat. Thanks to the multi-level conveyor system, the maximum production output is up to 2.2 tons per hour (depending on the size, temperature and salt content) with a high throughput per m² (approx. 5,900 x 2,200 mm footprint). A comparable traditional tunnel system has a length of approx. 10-12 metres.
  • The transport conveyors, which can be controlled separately, make the BBF 2200 multifreeze highly flexible. Thanks to the throughput times, which can be set individually, even different production lines can be operated with one and the same freezer. Different products and different product sizes can all be run over the system.
  • The costs of a conventional freezing system from TVI are significantly lower than those of nitrogen and CO² operated freezer systems. A separate suction system is not required.