GMS 520 singlecut

Evolution of a success model for optimised meat portioning.



  • Highest portioning quality
  • Highest flexibility: With bones / without bones / diced / strips
  • Highest yield through ideal forming
  • Highest precision
  • Individual slice placement / shingling for lowest manpower requirements in downstream processes

Mode of operation

  • One or multiple pieces of meat are filled into a cavity of the mold revolver.
  • The revolver turns to the portioning position and the appropriate piston drives into the mould cavity.
  • The meat is perfectly formed and pressed in a longitudinal direction.
  • The GMS can run in waste less mode or if required with a minimum trim.
  • Piston and stop plate define the thickness and the fixed weight of all slices individually.
  • The GMS cuts continuously without permanent start-stop operations. (just few individual movements)
  • Immediately after the last cut the revolver turns to the next piece of meat and the process repeats.
  • New features
  • Simple and intuitive operating concept
  • New control technology with high-precision timing enabling an increase in performance, more precise placement, smoother running
  • Up to 4 cuts per second and short changeover times result in higher performance.
  • Different slice weight and placement options possible in the same piece of meat
  • Output of the different portions to different downstream processes if required

Sample applications

  • The GMS 500 portions almost:
  • Jall types of red meat
  • in almost every consistency
  • to every portion
  • always weight and yield optimized
  • with low labour costs

Advantages & savings

  • Highest product quality in slicing, forming and portioning
  • Flexible use for red meat with and without bones, also for turkey and chicken
  • Increase in yield through waste less portioning
  • Give-away savings through high weight accuracy and perfect slicing
  • Automation-compatible through shingling and individual slice placement
  • Lower operating effort and shortest for product change over
  • Intuitive operating concept for operators, production managers and cleaning personnel
  • Supporting software user guidance for operation and calibration

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