GMS 1600 twincut

Highest level of flexibility and accuracy combined with single slice placement/shingling



  • Portioning quality without compromise
  • Highest level of flexibility with and without bone
  • Optimum yield thanks to perfect forming
  • Maximum precision
  • Perfect forming thanks to 3D forming system
  • Support for downstream processes thanks to automatic single slice placement or shingling
  • Minimal staffing level

Mode of operation

Several pieces of meat are placed on the infeed conveyor, which is equipped with a buffer function. They arrive via a weigh conveyor at a flexible mould. The top unit with the C-shaped mould moves downwards and forms the meat in the U-shaped mould into an oval cross section. The meat is then pressed lengthwise, so that it achieves its perfect shape. The plug advance and end-stop plate determine the slice thickness based on the target weight.

Advanges & Savings

  • Maximum product quality during slicing, forming and portioning
  • Highest level of flexibility for meat without bone as well as turkey meat
  • Increase in yield thanks to trim-free portioning
  • Savings in give-away due to high level of weight accuracy and perfect cutting
  • Capable of automation thanks to shingling and single slice placement
  • Intuitive operating concept for operators, production managers and cleaning staff
  • Supporting software for operator guidance during operation and calibration

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