Production line AIR 520 flexload

Top line performance with minimum personnel.



  • Fully automated loading of meat into trays
  • Top line performance
  • Minimum personnel
  • Minimum give-away
  • Highest degree of automation

Mode of operation

  • The AIR 520 flexload fills trays automatically with fixed-weight or catchweight boneless fresh meat portions.
  • The portioned slices are transferred from the GMS 500 to the meat conveyor of the AIR 520 flexload.
  • From there, they are automatically fed with a jump belt.
  • The filled trays run into the GMI 500, are seperated by an acceleration conveyor and weighed on a dynamic scale.
  • Light or heavy portions are pushed onto separate buffer belts and conveyed to the reworking station.
  • Portions with correct weight run directly into the packaging machine.
  • At the rework station, individual slices of the rejected portions are exchanged in order to achieve the target weight.

Matching Components

  • GMS 500 singlecut Volumetric portioning system for cutting fixed-weight and yield optimised portions.
  • waste-free portioning of meat pieces
  • thin quality trim cuts if required
  • shingled portions
  • clean and clear cutting surface
  • AIR 520 flexload Auto tray filling using a jump belt
  • integrated TDS 300 tray dispenser
  • high reliability
  • precise alignment of tray
  • multi-layer stacking possible
  • GMI 500 multitray Weighing and sorting unit for fixed weight portions consisting of:
  • dynamic scale
  • sorting by pushers
  • buffer belts for under- and overweight portions
  • tendency control with feedback for portioning machine

Advantages & savings

  • 100 % fixed-weight packs
  • controlled, minimum give-away
  • highest productivity
  • excellent product hygiene
  • easy to use
  • flexible usage for various products

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