All Rounder


Those who know how to portion meat are, of course, also able to cut other foods. Our love makes no distinction. Whether plant-based meat, halloumi, corn on the cob, mussels or meat loaf – the portioning systems from TVI are true multi-talents and open to every taste. Give it a try!


GMS 520

Forming set NKR 009
Forming hole equipped with dicing grid set 30 x 30 mm
Dicing grid stamp R3
Boneless knife KN300134 Portioning to slice weight of 250 g Portioning to slice thickness of 30 mm Maximum yield
No trim cuts
Cut perfect, nice, even meat cubes of beef and pork with an uniform & exact size of 30 x 30 x 30 mm.
Even positioning on the discharge conveyor in portions of 500 g, without the meat cubes sticking together.
Even separated meat cubes with a perfect cutting edge.
Target cube size achieved.
The meat cubes cannot always be perfectly held together in one portion on the discharge conveyor.
However, manual reworking can al-ways achieve a perfect fi xed weight/weigth-accurate portion at the end of the line.


GMS 520

Cavity D60, knife 134, light forming, portioning on maximum yield,
slice thickness 2 mm
Cut perfect slices despite texture and different sizes of the abalones; decrease discharge;
decide for the perfect cutting tempe-rature and cavities.
Clear cut, good shingling effect if the abalone is dry on the surface, frozen in the core and if the cavity is proper for the size of the abalone.
Several sizes of a customized cavity will be necessary.

Beef Jerky

GMS 520

Forming set NKR009; press piston & forming hole R3 equipped with a dicing grid; boneless knife KN300134; portioning on thickness of the meat strips of 5 mm.

Although meat is injected, cut per-fect, nice meat strips with an uniform & exact thickness of 5 mm; achieve even positioning on the discharge conveyor in portions, without the strips sticking together.

Even meat strips with a perfect cut-ting edge; target slice thickness of 5 mm. Design a custom-made bigger for-ming hole on both sides of the for-ming rings to be able to cut bigger peaces of meat and fi ll the forming holes faster.


GMS 520

Cavity D90 / R3a, 3 rings, knife 134, portioning on target slice weight of 50 g / 33 g, packages 4 x 50 / 6 x 33 g

Cut perfect slices on target weight and achieve nicely shingeled portions despite soft texture; handling of the different shapes of the product: oval chili burgers and natural squares; find out perfect cavities and cutting temperature

Accurate weight of the slices, clear cuts. For the square product, new cavities of 90 x 40/50 cm will be necessary. A thinner knife would also be recom-mended.

Injected Meat 40%

GMS 1600

3D boneless forming set 180; 210° knife; portioning on target weight of 160 g & 200 g; single steaks

Find out if 3D pressing and portioning of 40 % injected meat is possible; identify optimum cutting temperature & contact pressure; cut even slices (weight, shape & thickness); achieve uniform positioning on the discharge conveyor; optical & haptic inspection of the slices; avoid leaking of meat juices

Clear cuts, slices perfectly even, uniform positioning. Tempering takes much lon-ger due to high salt content. Meat was vacuum-packed, un-packed and weighed again after 3 days. Weight loss averaged 4 g, only.

Thin Chicken

GMS 520

Mould set NKR301; punch N36; boneless knife 134; portioning on slice thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm.

Find out the perfect temperature for the best cutting result, as chicken tears quickly; cut perfect, nice, thin slices without tearing; achieve uniform positioning on the discharge conveyor for single slices as well as for seven-piece shingles; high yield.

Even slices with a perfect cutting edge; precise shingling; target weight from 26 to 28 g / slice.

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