Fresh Meat Line


Do you like to go all out? Under the umbrella of the MULTIVAC company group, we offer you high-quality and fully-integrated fresh meat lines. As integrated solutions, these lines take over the complete processing and packaging of your products. From tempering, portioning, placement and presenting to weighing, packaging and labelling. Everything from a single source.
Take advantage of the combined line and automation expertise of TVI and MULTIVAC for greater safety, sustainability and efficiency.

CBF 1000

Thanks to TVI‘s innovative technology, your products are just what they should be after tempering – high-quality, fresh, tasty and above all perfectly portioned.

GMS 520

Despite its compact construction, our highly successful model sets the benchmark as regards quality, output, yield, precision and above all flexibility. The GMS 520 is a multi-functional and highly flexible portioning system, which can also be automated thanks to its compartment and individual slice placement.

TX 710

MULTIVAC X-line traysealers cover a wide spectrum of packaging applications in the food industry, as well
as medical products and industrial items. Thanks to their robust mechanical construction, as well as an innovative machine control featuring Flow
Manager and Multi Sensor Control, the TX traysealers are capable of packing with maximum flexibility and consistent reliability – even at very high output in non-stop mode.


The L 310 conveyor belt labeller labels a wide variety of pack forms and enables varied labelling positions. It stands out for its high output and numerous options, such as label inspection. The L 310 can be adapted to the individual customer and is available in hygienic design. It can be connected to a packaging machine or used as a stand-alone machine.

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